AdWords and Facebook Ads translation

Make the most of Google and Facebook and reach your exact target.

What is AdWords and Facebook Ads translation?

AdWords and Facebook Ads translation goes way beyond swapping languages. First, we research the best keywords for different target segments. Then, we adapt the original advertisements from English into Spanish. Sometimes new advertisements are created from scratch to fully adapt to the local culture. Each ad will have different versions for testing, which may be updated based on their performance in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

My service includes the recommended proofreading by an independent native professional to guarantee maximum quality.

How can AdWords and Facebook Ads translation help you?

AdWords is the quickest, most effective way to be on Google when your business needs it, while Facebook Ads make the most of this network targeting capabilities to reach your exact target. Both tools make your inversion profitable by multiplying your impact on the Internet.

With Vic Translations you have the guarantee of working with a professional translator, with ample experience planning, managing and measuring real Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns for several clients, as well as translating.

I am sure I can help you. Let’s talk!

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