Content creation and SEO writing

Specialized writing to make the most of the Internet.

What is content creation and SEO writing?

Web content creation is much more than just writing. First, we research the best keywords for the subject matter, the business sector and the target audience. Having those in mind, we write texts that are fully optimized for Google and adapted to web formats, while at the same time making readability a priority and avoiding abusive SEO techniques.

Includes writing of “invisible” SEO elements such as SEO plugins, meta descriptions, image ALTs and tagging, as well as CMS content uploading.

How can web content creation help you?

This service is designed with the Internet in mind. We take into account the difference in reading habits, the use of hyperlinks and visual elements and, of course, search engine optimization. The goal is adapting your message to make the most of the new formats and increase your brand’s visibility on the Internet.

With Vic Translations you have the guarantee of working with a Journalism graduate with over 6 years of experience in web writing.

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