Marketing translation

Specialized translation to help you reach your company’s marketing goals.

What is marketing translation?

English to Spanish translation and adaptation of all kinds of marketing texts: performance reports, communication plans, market research…

My service includes the recommended proofreading by an independent native professional to guarantee maximum quality.

How can marketing translation help you?

A sound marketing strategy, fully adapted to the target culture, is key for good branding. Specialized translation can help you reach different customer segments and tailor your contents to their linguistic and cultural peculiarities, thus achieving maximum return on investment.

When you choose Vic Translations, you have the guarantee of working with a professional translator. You will benefit from my specific education in both the translation and marketing fields: it has helped me to really understand my clients and their needs. Thanks to my professional experience as a social media manager, I am familiar with performance reports, campaign plans, digital metrics and much more.

I am sure I can help you. Let’s talk!

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