Social media translation

Social media is not only a trend, it’s a new language… and you need a translator who is fluent on it.

What is social media translation?

English to Spanish translation optimized for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), with copy that not only adapts to each site’s format but also makes full use of their expression potential.

Social media translation is focused on adaptation: starting with the same text or piece of content, we can create several updates optimized for different social networks and time them to get the maximum impact.

My service includes the recommended proofreading by an independent native professional to guarantee maximum quality.

How can social media translation help you?

Social media is not just a trend: it has become an essential marketing tool for companies and brands. Social media have a language of their own, and you need a translator that can help you speak it.

Social media translation allows you to reach your prospects in their leisure time, when they are more receptive… and offer them a customized message that fulfils their needs and achieves maximum impact.

With Vic Translations you have the guarantee of working with a professional translator, with specific education in advertising and ample in-house experience as a community manager. I have successfully managed social media campaigns for a wide range of companies, from the strategic planning stages up to the performance reports.

I am sure I can help you. Let’s talk!

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