Proofreading and editing

Make your brand look flawless.

What is this service about?

Proofreading and style editing of texts of any kind to ensure that there are no errors and that the text reads flawlessly in Spanish. This service covers both Spanish texts and English to Spanish translations. For translations, apart from working on the target text, I’ll also check the accuracy against the original.

The end product will be a text in Spanish that reads beautifully, reflects the brand’s personality, works in context and of course, is error-free.

How can proofreading and editing help me?

For companies, having a compelling online and offline presence is essential to winning new clients and conversions and improving brand image. Texts are a key ingredient of brand experience, from website product descriptions to tweets and user manuals.

Professional proofreading and editing optimizes this key ingredient of your brand image, ensuring that the final result gets the message across faithfully, is compelling to prospects and, above all, is free from errors that could negatively affect user experience and damage your brand’s reputation.

With Vic Translations, you have the guarantee of working with a translator and writer certified by the European University of Madrid, a detail-oriented professional with ample experience in proofreading and editing.

I’m sure I can help you. Let’s talk!

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