Website and app localization

Translate your website or app and reach users across the world.

What is this service about?

Localizing web content means translating websites so they can reach clients all over the world. Apart from translating all your website content and adapting it to the local culture, it also takes SEO elements into account to improve the site’s positioning on search engines.

This service also includes the translation of other key messages for your brand’s online presence, such as search ads (SEM) or social media statuses. Reflecting the brand’s values and personality is of utmost importance, as is adapting the format to new media.

App localization is the specialized translation of mobile apps, paying special attention to usability, character limits and user habits regarding smartphone use. More than converting words from Language A to Language B, localization recreates a digital experience that is totally adapted to the target culture.

How can website and app localization help me?

If you want to be seen on the internet, it is essential to know how search engines like Google see your website. You have invested in building your site, but this effort goes to waste if you are not there when your clients look for you. So, basically, if we compare creating a website to opening a shop, SEO would be the way of getting customers in the door.

Besides, the target text should fully reflect the brand’s personality, look and feel, and provide a pleasant reading experience on different devices. Localization ensures that all these elements are in place when translating the content into different languages.

With Vic Translations you have the guarantee of working with a professional translator, with over 9 years of experience translating, writing and optimizing texts for the internet. I’m sure I can help you. Let’s talk!

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